Who We Are

Water Polo

Giulio Sartorello

  Born in Mantua in 1990, I got to know water polo in 2001, being a very tall guy I was suggested to go for a water sport. In a few months, water polo became my passion – an enduring passion that still keeps me practising today. Relying upon my over-15-years expertise as a water polo player in the major leagues in Italy, I have recently moved to the UK as an international player.

  I started my journey as a water polo coach in 2010 and since then I have coached many club squads of different age categories, achieving positive results in all of them.

  Today, I am the head coach at the University of Bath Water Polo Club and I play at Cheltenham Swimming Water Polo Club competing in the first division of the British Water Polo League.​

Synchronised Swimming

Ilaria Brandimarte

  I was just nine years old when I won my first national-level synchronised swimming medal in Italy. Since then I have gone on to win numerous medals as a coach, swimmer and club chairwoman.

I originally joined the University of Bath in 2012 but after some time out I returned to synchro and have won 11 medals at National Championships since 2015 so far. 

  During a gap year in 2015, I began coaching with the British squad whilst training full-time as an athlete. In my first competition as a coach, I oversaw Britain’s junior squad qualify for the first Youth European Olympics in Baku 2015 with an unexpected bronze medal. In mid-2016, I then travelled to both the junior and senior European Championships as a coach.

  In late 2016, I established Team Bath Synchro Club and took the position of chairwoman. Starting in November 2018, I've now taken the head coach position.

  In 2018, I finally gained my dual citizenship thus allowing me to represent Great Britain after three years of training alongside the GBR squad behind the scenes. My latest international competition was the multi-sport European Championships in Glasgow 2018. 

Our larger team

Francesca Filatondi
Former ITA National swimmer,
International Swimmer & International Coach
Sisy Wang
GBR Coach,
International swimmer & International Coach
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